When PopCap first released Plants Vs Zombies they expected it to be just another indie game, little did they know that they had just started a franchise that would be probably be the first Zombie game that parents like as much as their kids! The game that was first released in 2009 has now become a cult icon and has already sold 120 million copies worldwide! With the reveal of its second version Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, PopCap is actually making a pun, the game has a time travel element and fans have been waiting for years for PopCap to finally come up with a sequel.

What is really amazing is that the game has become so popular that PopCap is actually using it as a platform for some pretty nice community programmes. For example, PopCap has been getting reams of fan mail about the game – one from a mother of a boy who has cancer. In response the producer put together a package of Plants Vs Zombie goodies, including an advance copy of the new game! The kid’s mum mailed back that the he was so happy that he was dancing!

More impressive is that the developers reached out to the American Dental Association for a campaign that encouraged parents to print and hand out free download codes for game content instead of candy. In fact there is even a reputed university conducting tests to analyse the beneficial effects of the game for those suffering from depression. Parents say that the plants are cute and even the zombies are kind of goofy and not the blood thirsty variety. The game comes of more as slapstick comedy than violent.

This is a brilliant example of a company with a modicum of public conscience, let us hope more game developers follow the example and make a zombie game that parents like as much as their kids.