Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time has finally been released for the world to enjoy. Let us start with some bad news, for now the game is only available for iOS! So all of those hoping to play it on their PCs and Android smartphones will just have to keep waiting and hope that the makers of the game, PopCap Game Studios decides to make the ridiculously popular game available on other platforms.

The game follows up from the end of the first one. But it involves many changes – from a large increase in the number of plants and zombies to some pretty in dept gameplay changes. There is a new substance available in game – plant food. Use it to supercharge your plants and cause havoc amongst approaching zombie waves. But the major change is to make the game a “freemium” game. What this means is that the fans will not have to buy the game rather the game will have in game purchases. PopCap has balanced this system very well and the in fact the game can be played without spending any money at all, it will just take longer.

As any of the die hard fans of the game will say – the longer the game is the better!