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Plant vs Zombies 2 vs Dead Rising 3: The Wacky Zombies To Snap You Out of Sleep

plants vs zombies, dead rising 3, mad hatter on batmanThe closing of 2013 is going to get lucky for gaming fans. We are likely to see the release of two much-awaited games: Plats Vs. Zombies and Dead Rising 3.

It’s likely that PopCap Games, developers of Plants vs. Zombies, are all set to launch the new series of their popular game. While they have not made any official announcement about the date of release, the game has seen soft launches in the app stores of New Zealand and Australia for beta testing. The coming weeks will show the full release of the game and it is likely that the app will reach the international App store by the end of the coming month.

Along with Plant vs Zombies the World can’t wait for the launch of Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One which is likely to see the light of the day by the end of this year.This is a next gen game developed by Capcom Vancouver. As the Xbox 360 was pushed to the edges, the game will now be featured on the Xbox One. The launch of this new series was announced by Microsoft recently. This time around, just like Plant vs Zombies 2  the game is likely to have more sophisticated and realistic zombies. The over-the-top feeling of the previous version of Dead Rising is likely to be thrown out of the window. Dead Rising 3 will release with Xbox One in the holiday season.

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Simultaneously, there has also been news that Batman: Arkham Origins is going to have two more villains. Where Copperhead was discovered as a villain for the new Batman series only a week ago, there is now another character clued to be a bad guy in the series. Jervis Tetch will be crafting his craziness into the game to add Mad Hatter to Batman. So far, the game has seen entry of Joker, Bane, Killer Croc and Scare crow. This one will act as a surprise element in the game.

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