One of the most eminent iOS and Android game Plant vs Zombies is all set to get its sequel and truly the world is impatiently waiting for the same. Measuring the success of the original game app, the expectations from Plant vs Zombies 2 have soared. However, the makers of Plants vs Zombies 2 think that they don’t need to change many things about the sequel as the fans love it for what it is.

“First of all we’re taking you on this travel through time adventure so you’re working with Crazy Dave and his time machine Penny to go back in time to find his taco. His intention was to go back five minutes ago to eat the taco but something goes awry and you end up in ancient Egypt and then from there we take you though ancient Egypt to the pirate seas to the Wild West and our intention is to have all these other worlds that you’ll go to over time,” told Allen Murray to NY1 .com.


The users would have the option to lift up and put their plants in way they want to defeat the zombies still they would have basic twists and turns to keep the trill going.


Murray further explained to,

“One is plant food. Sometimes zombies drop a plant food pellet for you to keep and then you use that to power up your plants for a limited time. The other is power ups. So we allow you to use coins earned in the game to actually interact with the board itself you can pinch the heads off zombies. You can them with your finger and shoot electrical bolts out of your finger, or you can flick them off the map,” explains Murray.

The game was to be catapulted in a few days  but the date have been pushed for unknown reasons to late summer.