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Plan to Try Yo Yo Dieting? Think Twice

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During the lockdown, while some managed to get their lifestyle on track, the others freely indulged in homemade cakes, croissants and deep fried goodies. Now that the world has started to crawl again, and with offices opening, the need for getting in shape quickly has taken over everyone. From trying the GM diet to Keto to paleo to intermittent fasting and then shifting to only fruits & veggies diet, we all have, in some point in life, fallen in to the trap of quick weigh loss diets, the latest one being Yo Yo dieting. Let’s read to know what is Yo Yo dieting all about and whether it is effective in achieving sustainable weight loss. 

What is Yo Yo dieting?

The scientific or clinical term for “Yo-Yoing” or Yo Yo dieting is weight cycling. This type of dieting involves gaining a few pounds unintentionally and then dieting in response, and regaining that weight once again. In simple words, Yo Yo dieting focuses on losing and regaining weight over and over again so your weight is constantly fluctuating. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If we go by this definition, it then means that while following Yo Yo dieting, one can eat everything – cakes, cookies, pasta, everything junk for a set period and then can give it all up in the following week, and then go back on enjoying everything, once again.

Is Yo Yo dieting good for weight loss?

Yo-yo diets, even though sounds like a doable diet, however, this unexplained weight cycling lead to the release of environmental toxins from body fat stores,which are then preferentially redistributed to the brain. The exposure of the dieter’s brain to fat-soluble environmental toxins during weight loss unleashes a further assault on cognition through neuro-toxicity.

The constant fluctuation confuses the brain and has an adverse effect on body’s metabolism. According to a research, extreme weight loss in a short amount of time will cause your metabolism to slow, which in turn leads to more weight gain in the future. Furthermore, by restricting or limiting the intake of good calories, you will also be depriving your body of critical nutrients necessary for optimum functioning. This lack of essential vitamins and minerals create unwanted stress on the immune system. Extreme weight and long-term restrictive dieting is even harmful to the heart as it sometimes results in loss of heart muscle from calorie-cutting, thus impacting the overall well-being.

The Gradual Weight-Loss Journey

Don’t be obsessed with weight loss

The key here is to be mindful and not obsessive. Overly focusing on food can put unnecessary strain on the brain and can eventually lead to binge eating and weight cycling. Instead, be mindful of food choices and volume. Eat regional and locally grown produce. Be careful of the portion size. Dieting doesn’t mean you give up on your favourite food, it is a thoughtful exercise that involves mindful control of desires.

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Eat clean

A good way to achieve your weight-loss goal is by consciously minimizing the body’s exposure to fat-soluble environmental toxins in the food supply. Opt for organic and seasonal produce and avoid the most heavily sprayed crops to limit exposure to lipophilic dioxin-containing pesticides.


A good detox will give the body much needed rest and will prove to be extremely beneficial in sustainable weight loss. Detox allows the body to concentrate on organ detoxification and thoroughly cleanses the liver, gut, kidney and lymphaticto help get rid the body of metabolic waste.

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Move your body

Follow an exercise regimen of aerobic activity and weight resistance training to build lean body mass. Exercising on a regular basis allow the body to release of adipokinens from fat tissue that motions the muscle to work harder. With improved body energetics, the body attains a healthy metabolism rate and is also able to preserve the fuel supply for healthy brain function.

Exercise your brain

A good health involves both – a sound mind and body. Brain exercises not only support mind-body balance during weight loss but also keep stress at bay. Partake in cognitive games to keep the brain sharp and more resilient to the impact of dieting.

We hope this article will help you make the right decision and will help you in your weight loss journey. Feel free to right to us @ editorial@techthirsty.com or drop in your query in the comment section.

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