So, you are also planning to buy any of the latest sensations from Nokia..but wait. Have you checked out the advance features in all and compared them together? If not, you need a strong review of the latest three smart phones. The three notable devices are  925, 928 and 920 of the Nokia Lumia series.

With the advent of the advance era of iPhones, Nokia is making immense effort to retain the popularity of smart phones amongst the  technology lovers. Among all these eye catchy models, Nokia Lumia 925 is still waiting for its release that can probably take place on June. Unlike to the previously launched Lumia sets, 925 will have an aluminium case rather than the polycarbonate covering. This extremely slim eye candy phone is also lighter in weight in comparison to other models of the series. The 4.5 inch LCD screen bearer phone weighs 139 gm only.

The upcoming Lumia model will work with the 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB RAM. The extra lens bearing camera in Nokia Lumia 925 is an additional advantage. These are some extensive features to make the upcoming smart phone outstanding among the predecessors in the Lumia series.