google glass code of conductGoogle has released a set of guidelines to use the Google Glass perfectly. The list of instructions will be manual of kinds and serve as code of conduct to be revealed to the public, so that the worst fears of Google don’t come out to be true. Of course, Google desires its moon-shot to reach its destiny and not miss the target with a big margin.

At present, the discoverers are road testing the iconic Glass and have provided some feedback to Big G. on the basis of the feedback, Google has set a code of conduct that it desires users to take to heart and follow:

The gadget is perfect for right exploration of existence

  • Similar to an auxiliary device, Google Glass permits you to carry your manual agility to highest with regards to activity analysis
  • It allows you take pictures of people and places (of course with their due permission)
  • A lock system will mark all the outsiders and intruders to monkey your Google Glass
  • With your Google Glass Explorer, you have the authority to provide feedback or report to marked communities at Google about any issue you encounter with this brand new inventive technique
  • Google Glass just not covers all. There are much more crucial sources of inspiration like friends, family and life.
  • You shouldn’t use the device while participating in complete contact sports
  • Have enough courtesy to answer people and their queries regarding this innovative wearable technique, you have don on your head