Injected with some serious fun and gorgeous interface, Pinterest app finally gets an iPad makeover. Now you can browse all your favorite boards and pins as well as those shared by your friends from the comfort of your iPad.

Join Pinterest by simply signing up, and visit all your favorite boards as the app automatically loads new pins.

The iPad Pinterest app features a side panel navigational menu, which gives you an ease of switching views as per your liking. With this new interesting Pinterest iPad feature, you can search by keywords and can even access your own profile.

The good thing about pinning on iPad is that you no longer use a third party app for pinning, instead the pinning feature has been integrated in the app itself.

If you are not one of the proud owners of an iPad, then don’t feel let down as the Pinterest App developers have made the iPhone app more user friendly by giving the app a two-column layout, which lets you see more pins on a single screen.

Our team here has gone bonkers about this new addition to the Pinterest App and it is rare that you will not find them pinning down straight from their iPad or an iPhone. So when are you updating your Pinterest app…?