A slightly weird combination to ask for, but if you love both pets and robotics, this one’s for you. The new PetoiBittle is a super cute robot dog that is simply fun and interesting to be with. Interestingly, Bittle is a really small sized robot but will leave you amazed with its many tricks.

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For those unaware of our little Bittle, it is a tiny palm-sized which has been developed by Petoi LLC. The innovative tech startup behind the palm-sized robo-dog particularly aims to design futuristic pets using robotics and other innovative technologies.  Petoi is also the manufacturer of the popular Open Cat product Nibble which was launched in 2018.


As the company’s own tagline suggests, PetoiBittle is designed for STEM enthusiasts to have some fun. The new Petoirobo dog definitely comes with some incredible robotic capabilities. For instance, as Inceptive Mind pointed out, not only can it climb over steps skillfully with 4 legs but can also correct itself after falling from a slope.

PetoiBittle – The New Spot Alike But Cheaper

While we have seen some robotic animal imitations in the past, what make PetoiBittle stand out is its remarkably small size and a more affordable price tag. PetoiBittle is already being compared to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot for its many robotic capabilities. However, the new walking robot has been launched at just $195 making it a much more affordable option against the $75000 Spot.

Unpacking the PetoiBittle Kit

As you order the new PetoiBittle, you won’t receive it as a complete robot but as a kit. As you receive your order, you can assemble your new robot dog using the instructions. A newly ordered Prtoi Brittle kit will include a case, basic parts of the Brittle’s structure, servos to control the head and legs of the robot.

The pack also includes an infrared remote to trigger its basic movements. Furthermore, the kit also includes some electronic components including battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules and an ArduinoNyBoard V1 controller.

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Your assembled PetoiBittle will measure 20x11x11 cm and will weigh around 280 grams. Notably, it can carry a load of almost double its own weight of up to 450 grams. Petoi claims that its latest Open Cat product offers excellent protection against both dust and collision owing to its high strength injection-molded plastic and flexibility.

Can I make customisations to my PetoiBittle?

Once you have built your robodog, upload the behavior program on to the Bittle using your Open Cat software package. You can also pick ideas to make certain customisations to your piece of PetoiBittle from the Arduino and Raspberry Pi community. Additionally, you can also buy some extra hardware modules separately. Several hardware modules you can purchase include PIR motion sensor, gesture sensor as well as an intelligent camera module.


Since, you have installed the software your cute little friend is ready to go. Its small battery will last only an hour of active work. But, remarkably the tiny PetoiBittle can achieve a maximum walking speed of almost about two body lengths per second. It can also memorize dozens of behaviour patterns and perform various actions under the direct remote control of the user.

If you would like to own one, you can go ahead and buy your Bittle at Kickstarter.com. Petoi has launched a crowdfunding on Kickstarter for its Bittle project. As part of the crowdfunding campaign, the PetoiBittle is currently available at a pledge of $195. However, we expect the cute Bittlerobot dog to be priced higher once it enters the market.

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