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Personal Messages Not So Personal On Facebook Anymore: Claims A French Newspaper

Facebook keeps on changing its privacy norms to offer users the best services. But certain speculations have come round the corner claiming that the social networking site has made private messages of millions of users, public on its Timeline feature.

The report was first published in Metro, a French newspaper and was later picked up by other tech sites. Well, on being looked into the matter, the rumors seem to be untrue.

Facebook cleared its stake, went back and checked the messages. The social giant said that the much-talked about Timeline messages are actually old wall posts, and even if there’s private information, these messages have been there the entire time. Facebook said the confusion could have been created as there was no option to like or comment on a single wall post before 2009.

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However, this denial by Facebook has not been accepted by some users, who claim that the social networking site has made their private messages public.

The speculation is surrounding years from 2007 to 2009, when Facebook had just launched. And the latest timeline in 2012 makes it easy for users to browse old posts according to the year, which also lets them see each other’s old posts.

However, those concerned about old posts, can restrict access to them. Just follow the instructions on Facebook privacy settings.

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Rumors have always clouded Facebook’s privacy norms. Earlier also in Dec. 2011, a Finnish publication posted the same warnings on the same feature, which later got picked by other tech sites, which also later turned out to be untrue.

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