The sudden death of Hollywood star Paul Walker shocked everyone in the world. His co-star from the Fast and the Furious, Tyrese Gibson, expressed great disappointment and opened up quoting that God sent him an email with the subject “Go to Dubai”

According to reports by, the singer-actor recalled the moment when he received the sad news of his co-star’s demise. He expressed that he had never been so depressed ever in life, but after this news, he broke down real bad.

James Barragan, Los Angeles Times reporter, had posted an Instagram video where the actor was seen weeping over the loss of Paul Walker a day after Walker’s car accident.

Tyrese said that a trip to Dubai with his friends, including the legendary actor Will Smith helped him come out of the trauma. He quoted, “What gave me my smile again is really thinking about the fact I’d never seen him [Paul] cry, never seen him sad and his energy was always up so I’m like, ‘Why would I be crying and sad and messed up?” He express thankfulness for all the prayers and good wishes of people, adding that the tweets, Instagrams helped him rebuild his calm. He even shared a post on Facebook, saying “Spread love cause it will always come back”.

The Dubai trip was exactly what the star needed, a much needed break away from Los Angeles. Putting his grief aside, at least momentarily, Tyrese did finally manage to come to terms with the sudden demise. A fan in Dubai surprised him when he came in a yellow sports car that had Paul’s quote from the movie, “Dude I almost had you” Tyrese got very emotional and even shared on his Facebook page, “I believe my number one fan and number one supporter just showed up.”