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G20 Summit Uses Technology for Seamless Event Management 

As world leaders descended on Delhi, technology became an important tool for security and event curation. Modern equipment was used in several ways to...

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Venture Capitalist Vandana Tolani Unveils the Future of Fintech and Blockchain

Quantum Computing and Financial Modeling: Navigating the Fintech Regulatory Landscape In a world where fintech, blockchain, and quantum computing are transforming finance, Vandana Tolani, an...
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AI-Powered Financial Assistants: The Path to Financial Inclusion

In the bustling world of finance, finance management, banking and more where every second counts, AI-powered financial assistants have become the unsung heroes, streamlining...

Navigating the Crypto Currents: Analysing the Impact of Crypto Mining on Energy Markets

Cryptocurrency mining, particularly the energy-intensive process of validating transactions and securing blockchain networks, has been a subject of intense debate in recent years. As...

5 Best AudioBooks on Spotify

In today's fast-paced world, finding the best audiobooks on Spotify has become important for those who want to make the most of their time....

Indian Players Enable Climate Change with Carbon Capture Tech

Carbon capture is emerging as a critical initiative in the global effort to combat climate change. This technology is gaining momentum both worldwide and...

Tinder to Work with Centre for Social Research for Better Safety

Tinder is collaborating with the not-for-profit organization Centre for Social Research (CSR) to enhance safety for online daters in India. The leading dating app...


How to Make Money on Amazon without Selling?

Want to make money on Amazon without selling products? It's not just a dream, but a reality for many! Amazon, with over 300 million...

How to Sell My Domain on Godaddy?

So you've gone ahead and grabbed yourself a domain name that just screams potential, but you're now scratching your head wondering, "How on earth...

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