Our New Modern Sex & the City: Emily In Paris Review

emily in paris review

I have always had a flair for serious drama, and have always been inclined to watch theatrical pleasing shows on Netflix. However, this Saturday, I decided to break my rule! While browsing through the list of popular shows, I was intrigued by the trailer of Emily In Paris and decided to make it my mission to finish it over the weekend. And, I have to say, this is quite an exquisite piece of series, with no offense to any culture. It is fresh, resplendent, and glamorous.

If you are planning to watch this show and are willing to get transported to this fun-loving fantasy space, my sincere request is please keep your idea about the French and Americans aside. Emily in Paris falls smoothly into the category of rom-com types, toppled with the tinge of business and the role of social media functionalities. Set in Paris, it’s quirky charm, delicious sexual innuendo’s, chic fashion, rich Parisian sceneries & cultures, Emily in Paris revolves around a story of a young American girl from Chicago who has been sent to Paris to work in a marketing firm taken over by her home company. Lily Collins’ character makes a comeback in every situation with her wit and ideas for marketing. This show is indeed the perfect escape from reality we so desperately need right now.


Boasting of stunning visuals, big fashion moments, charming French men and a lot of chatter about food and wine. Not to forget, it isn’t heavy on the brain, the tone is light, effervescent and optimistic. It’s a story about a young American girl Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) from Chicago who moves to Paris to give Savoir, a Parisian marketing company that her home company has taken over to give some American perspective on marketing. This is something that her French colleagues, aren’t welcoming of. Also, they are quite bemused by the fact that she cannot speak French and yet claims to know how to attract the right audience.

Emily In Paris

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This show has all the elements;we have the cold, stunning boss, corporate mingle, the super-hot neighbour, the funny co-workers, the genius yet moody fashion designer and the supportive friends. Yet, what makes Emily in Paris win everybody is how she tackles all the goofballs thrown at her without letting it take over her spirit and intelligence. I have travelled to different cities to work and I can completely relate to some of Emily’s struggles of getting acquainted in a new city /work place.

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The show is true to the times it is set in and has a lot to say about influencer marketing, Instagrammable spots and what it means to be politically correct and we love the adore la touchefrançaise. The show, at no point, lets us not believe that Paris truly is the city of romance. Emily is persistently chased by every man she meets and these romantic encounters range from swoon-worthy to downright appalling. The show never has a dull moment. There is a fun twist in every episode. Now, if you are a die-hard Six and the City lover, then it is not as bold, but we suggest you watch Emily in Paris for its breezy charm and appeal.

Have you watched Emily in Paris yet? Do drop in your review and let us know if you enjoyed it as much as we did!