Aren’t we still struggling with the right TikTok app replacement? Well, India’s virtual war with China has broken several hearts as many banned Chinese apps are out of Indian smartphones. This makes it the opportune time for competitors to launch into the video streaming market that was heavy skewed in favour of TikTok. On the same lines, Oppo short video is now on the radar for the smartphone maker.

TikTok, the most loved social app for millennials across the globe, has become the target of a lot of competitors. They are leaving no stone unturned to get hold of TikTok’s audience base. While we are still getting used to Insta Reels, latest reports suggest that leading Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is planning to build the Oppo short video service.

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Oppo to Launch Alternative of TikTok

The TikTok ban has opened gates for several market players to gain the confidence of loyal users of banned Chinese apps. Oppo has been eyeing this opportunity for a long time and now is taking active steps to culminate their dreams into reality. “We are about to launch our short video service in the second half of this year,” said Jimmy Yi, President of Oppo Asia-Pacific in an interview with South China Morning Post.

He further added, “Internet services will be important to our business as 5G (network roll-out around the world) continues to develop.” Oppo revealed its plan for a short video service at a time when TikTok is facing threat of a ban in the US if the ByteDance-owned platform does not quickly sell its US operations. If all goes well, then Oppo’s new short video platform could have 350 million active users globally. The mobile giant has not divulged too many details about the Oppo Video Streaming Platform, but if everything goes well, then Oppo short video service will be available to users by the end of 2020.

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The roll out of Oppo Video Streaming Platform will make the company the first major smartphone maker to provide a built-in short video app on its devices. To do this, OPPO will have to bank upon millions of its smartphone users worldwide to scale its services in order to quickly build an alternative of TikTok. It will also have to diligently scale up to bring its own short video service to its user base and will have to optimize the video streaming platform for all its smartphones.

Stay tuned for latest updates and news on Oppo Video Streaming Platform. If you have any questions about it, leave us a comment and we will try to get the right information about Oppo short video service after TikTok ban to you.