The Oppo R7 Lite and R7 Plus were introduced to the Indian market recently. After the appreciation R7 smartphones has received from users, R7 Lite and R7 Plus are the latest additions to this series. We give you the lowdown on Oppo R7 Plus vs R7 Lite based on preliminary investigations.

Similarities between the Oppo R7 Lite and R7 Plus

Oppo R7 Plus vs Oppo R7 LiteDespite the price difference, there are some factors that bring the two phones together. Firstly, both the handsets are slim and lightweight. Both of them come with an easy-to-use interface and hassle-free performance with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Both phones have a unimetal body and a 13MP camera. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, the software is well designed. The ColorOS 2.1 skin supports the functioning of the interface and enhances user experience.

Differences between the Oppo R7 Lite and R7 Plus

One of the biggest differences in the phones is the way they feel. The R7 Plus has a 6-inch full HD AMOLED display, making it wider and bigger compared to the R7 Lite.

On the other hand, the R7 Lite is easy to use because it fits well into the hands. With a 5-inch HD display and thin bezels, it has a comfortable size.

Bezels at the top and bottom of the R7 Lite are broader than those of the R7 Plus. Although both phones have a 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, R7 Plus has the phase-detect AF system.

The price difference

While the Oppo R7 Plus is priced at around Rs. 29,990, its trimmer version, the Oppo R7 Lite is priced at Rs. 17,990.