Oppo has come a long way from where it had started some months back. Ever since it launched the Find 5 Superphone, Oppo got people talking and today, it indeed surprises us with the Oppo N3. A follow up to its hit Oppo N1, the Oppo N3 takes its “successor” tag seriously.

Oppo N3 Could Join The Big PlayersThe features are impressive and personally, anyone could love this beauty given its LCD screen quality– IPS 1080p screen is not something as average as you think!

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What can actually get consumers hooked on is Oppo’s own Color OS interface. However, if you are an Android loyalist, this is a put-off. More so, the 5.5 screen is no Herculean spec and almost every other smartphone comes in about the same size.

Coming to the design, the thin band of aluminum around its body is a beauty but then the overall make is too plasticy and reminds us of earlier Samsung models. We believe the Chinese maker is trying too hard to go international.

What we cannot ignore though is the awesome swiveling shutter— a 16 megapixel one too! If you are concerned about the hardware–32 GB internal storage, Dual-SIM support, 2 GB RAM and 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor are decent figures but nothing outstanding.

What we did love is a SIM slot on the N3, which is also a reader for the SD card! Another thing that impressed us was that the N3 never hiccupped through the games, videos and app running. Not even during the benchmark tests! Perhaps it is time to welcome Oppo N3 into the league of smartphone biggies.