The whole world’s dying to know what Samsung has in store for them And boy, do they love a good tease! Only a couple of days before the company unveils its Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung has tweeted a shadowy picture of the top of what we think could be this phone. It’s all about keeping us in the dark, with just a sliver of light showing us the top left corner of the phone.

This tweet comes right after Samsung brought out a second teaser ad about the March 14 event. The ad features the same Samsung rep looking at a box and calling it “irresistible”, “unreal” and even “totally amazing”. Even though we don’t quite know what’s in the box, we can’t help but agree with Jeremy from the ad!

In what we believe could mean that the Galaxy S4 could be available in a variety of colors, Jeremy also goes on to exclaim that it’s his “favorite color”, and well of course, the ad ends by letting us know that the story will be continued. Like there isn’t enough hype surrounding the Galaxy S4 already!