Chinese smartphone manufacturer One Plus has announced some details of its forthcoming device, One Plus Two. The announcement confirms that One Plus will continue to collaborate with leading chipmaker Qualcomm for its next generation device.

One plus two will host a Qualcomm snapdragon 310 chipset which will boost the performance of the device. Flagship devices from other companies such as HTC and Sony have experienced multiple issues related to poor thermal performance which one plus claims to have rectified.

One plus two to host a better processing unit from QUALCOMM New changes

One plus has also worked hard to change the user interface of its proprietary operating system which goes by the name of Oxygen OS. The OS has been redesigned to work more efficiently and seamlessly with the snapdragon 810 chipset. According to Web reports, it will not only boost the performance of the device but will also provide a better user experience. With some modification in the existing operating system, One Plus has made it more intuitive so that it can make the most out of all processors.


Since 810 have always hosted a high end specification, we can expect the device to run on an octacore design supported by 64 bit architecture. It is also expected to support video recordings in 4K resolution alongside major improvements in several fronts such as charging and battery performance and management. Going by the recent statements of one plus, the company seems to be bullish on solving the overheating problem completely with the new device. 

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