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Obama’s Victory Tweet: The Most Re-tweeted Post on Twitter

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U.S. President Barack Obama secured a second term as president yesterday, but he wasn’t just victorious in the recently conducted presidential polls. He also managed the distinction of having his victory tweet earning the top spot as the most re-tweeted message all over Twitter. It was a simple line, “Four more years”, which he posted along with a picture of him and his wife embracing, but it went on to be shared all across the popular social networking site by his millions of fans.

By 11:30AM on Wednesday morning, it had been shared over 670,000 times. This was more than twice the count that Justin Bieber’s message had managed, the previous top re-tweeted message which had around 223,000 re-tweets. Obama’s surely got a huge fan base on Twitter as many of his previous messages also got re-tweeted many times. Another message from him, “This happened because of you”, managed to be re-tweeted around 240,000 times, while a message signed personally by Obama was re-tweeted over 150,000 times.

The photo that was posted with the victory tweet got its own share of fame, getting 3.3 million likes, 422,000 shares, and almost 160,000 comments on Facebook. Facebook confirmed that this photo has earned the distinction of being the most-liked post of all time on its site. Looks like the world of social media has quite taken to Obama, as 31 million tweets related to the election were posted on Tuesday. The most tweeted moment of the day happened at 11:19 PM when 327,452 tweets were posted per minute, around the time the results were declared and Obama’s victory was certain

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