Gaming has a new future, if we can trust Nvidia. In a bid to let aid avid gaming enthusiasts doll up their graphics a notch higher, Jen-Hsun Huang, its CEO introduced some research using GeForce. Before you wonder how this could help you, read on.

Thus cloud-allied system seems like a windfall gain for gamers who struggle to make the best and optimized settings for their PC games.

With GeForce, you might bid goodbye to low resolution and similar issues that cripple the beauty of racing or stalking on the PC. We do not blame the game makers since with thousands of graphic systems and computer hardware round the globe, uniformity in the game design could only remain a Utopian concept.

Nvidia already knows all nooks and corners of gaming for PCs. As a result of careful cultivation and head wracking research, it is finally poised to “sort of” understand the uniqueness of all systems. Let us hope that this changes the way we play through our old computers.