Nvidia Corp has said that they would withdraw 8-inch shield tablets from US stores because they could overheat and be hazardous. This includes models P1761, P1761WX and P1761W with serial numbers 0410215901781 to 0425214604018. Batteries of these models are meant to last long but it has come to light that they could be harmful. Top 10 Tablets 2014

The model numbers and serial numbers are featured towards the left hand side edge of tablets and printed on the packaging. In order to check if it is qualified for recall, you can check out and follow the instructions that are listed on the recall page on Nvidia.

Nvidia spokesman Hector Marinez has stated that the company would henceforth adopt best practices to avoid such problems. According to the CPSC website, around 5,000 tablets that were sold in Canada alone.

Nvidia is well-known for their graphic chips and it would replace the recalled Shield tablets with battery types Y01. The tablets were launched in 2014.