Trying to create a bridge between Google’s search results and popularly users Gmail, experts at Google are trying their hands on to provide quick personal responses to its users.

With stress on personal information, Google will now draw information from users’ Gmail accounts to put it on its main results page. This experimental feature will let Google search engine look for data that is stored in users’ Gmail for any information that corresponds with users’ search.

Google is a commanding leader in the Internet search and the company knows that this new feature can raise some privacy concern. Hence, this feature will initially be tested with just 1 million users who sign up at

A popular e-mail service, Gmail currently has more than 425 million users. With this latest feature, they can explore their personal e-mail accounts to find anything they need, such as an online order or flight tickets.

This latest and innovative feature will allow people, who are logged into their Gmail accounts to see a list of appropriate e-mails on Google’s main search results page if it connects with a keyword that they enter in search request.

Announced Wednesday, this feature marks Google’s latest effort to quickly bring in data that people seek.

Currently, the company generates most of its revenue from Google.

Google also announced another new tool called “voice-based search” that the company said would be available in its mobile apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The app was submitted to Apple last week.

At a press conference Wednesday, Google executives also showed a new “carousel” display feature that the company will launch on Thursday. This feature will let users scroll through as with an online photo gallery, flipping across to view those images related to search.