Now, You can Get Google Maps Speed Display on Android & iOS Apps


Google Maps has recently rolled out its speed limit feature for its Android and iOS users in the U.S, U.K and Denmark. This feature will help you know the speed limits on a particular road. Until 2017, the feature was available to users in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and San Francisco Bay Area in California.

According to reports, the speed limit feature will reflect soon on the Google Maps app for android and iOS users via a server-side switch. It means that users will not have to update their apps physically to avail this feature. Once a users turns on the navigation, the speed limit will show on the bottom left corner of the map. This feature is useful especially for users travelling on highways and long road trips.

Additionally, Google Maps will also notify the users about the location of speed cameras (speed traps ) on the road if any . A camera icon will denote the location of the upcoming speed cameras on the road and alert the user.

The speed limit option will not be shown for users in India and instead it will get a speed camera feature according to a report on Mashable.

Users in countries such as Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Canada will also get a speed camera feature instead of the speed limit feature.

Interestingly, Google Maps will also have an audio alert to help slow down users in case they are approaching any speed cameras. It will enable the user to slow down if they are over the speed limit while driving past the cameras. Speed traps are places where the traffic police or police vehicles are found to catch people driving at high speeds.

The speed limit and camera icon features are both great ways to not just slow down but slow avoid getting warned by police. How the users across the world will benefit from it will have to be seen.