Tired of entering and re-entering your password while swapping between your various Google Accounts… Check out Account chooser, Google’s innovative solution to make your email checking experience a cakewalk.  Account Chooser is an exciting Google product, which lets you easily snap between Gmail accounts and keeps the hassle of entering and re-entering the password at bay.

As reported by The Next Web, Account Chooser is first of its kind, which would be loved by the Gmail users who have both the work and personal accounts. Get started with this feature here this link. This will sign you automatically so that you can be logged into your account automatically. To let this feature work you should click “stay signed”.

In the new Gmail login screen, you will have a small box that would show  your name, the email address, and an image if you have one on your account. This new feature of Google allows you to do multiple sign across a range of Google products barring a few

Google does provide a set of suggestions on how to protect your accounts if you’re using Account chooser on a shared computer, but it’s always best not to have a signed-in account on a computer accessed by others.