Saturday, May 18, 2024

Get Your Hands On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablet

After months spent in anticipation, users all around the world can finally get their hands on the latest Windows 8 OS and the Surface tablets. Starting today, these new products are available to order online and at Microsoft stores. While the Surface tablet starts from $499, existing Windows users can upgrade their OS to Windows 8 for just $40 or buy the disc for $70.

With these new launches, Microsoft is looking to revamp its image as a devices and services company. Although Microsoft has played around with making hardware before, it didn’t end up doing as well in the market and the company remained known for its software, particularly Windows and Office Suite.

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The Microsoft Surface is a direct competitor to the Apple iPad, and hopefully given the brand value of Microsoft, it could be successful in cornering a significant share of the market. Analysts, however, are apprehensive about Surface owing to the high price point. It also doesn’t help that the company is relatively a new entrant into a market where Android tablets and iPads have been around for a while, and have already managed to establish a consumer base.

Windows 8 has been given a radically new design unlike the previous versions of the most popular OS in the world. With the tile display and no traditional desktop screen, it looks familiar to mobile OS and works with a touch-screen interface as well. Given the extremely new design, Microsoft can’t help but wait and watch with crossed fingers on whether Windows 8 will find as many takers as Windows 7.

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