Google has yet again rolled out a new feature. Users can now share Android apps via Google’s Nearby Share. The feature makes it not only convenient for users all across the globe to share links, photos, and more with friends and family, but will allow you to easily share Android apps.

 The new feature will enable users to share apps from Google Play with other Android users. To be able to do so, one doesn’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The official Google Blog post mentioned, “Nearby Share was built with privacy at its core, so you can share and receive files with the peace of mind. Now you don’t have to worry about exchanging contact information because Nearby Share allows you to both send and receive files anonymously. It also allows you to adjust your privacy settings from your phone’s Quick Settings at any time.”

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The new feature is being recognised as an excellent alternative to Apple’s Airdrop for all Android users. Along with sharing content like videos, photos, links, and app intents wirelessly, Android’s latest ‘Nearby Share’ feature will help users share apps and app updates with contacts.

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The new feature is launched to make app sharing easier, more direct, and built right into the Play Store. The aim is to make the transfers more seamless with the least user interaction. It is important for users to note that the new Share menu will allow them to send apps by selecting them and launching them.

How To Share Android Apps Via Google’s Nearby Share

 To enable app transfer from one Android smartphone via Google’s Nearby Share:

  • Open Google Play 
  • Go to the ‘Share Apps’ menu in ‘My Apps & Games’
  • Select the apps you’d like to share 
  • The receiver will need to accept the request

According to the 9to5Google report, sharing Android apps via Google’s Nearby Share is “shockingly fast’, and even faster than sharing ov

er a home Internet connection. Once a user shares an Android app via Google’s Nearby Share, the receiver can install it without leaving the share menu. It also stated that, even though Google Nearby is extremely useful for transferring apps between Android smartphones, Apple AirDrop makes it convenient to transfer files between smartphones, tablets, and PCs from Apple.

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