Facebook has launched a brand new feature in the name Gifts, where you can send and receive real-world products as gifts. Interestingly, you don’t need to give their contact details to Facebook. That will be taken care of by Facebook and your gift will be delivered. How?

Your gift will appear as wrapped surprise on your friend’s Timeline or inbox. When they open this gift, the recipient will be able to choose the size, color or flavor according yo their choice. They will also enter a shipping address to receive the gift. While the Gift notifications have virtual cards, the gift packaging will be Facebook branded with a special paper, wrapping, stickers, and a hard-copy notecard.

Facebook will be including high-quality, hand-picked, and appropriate for people as well as pets. They’ll have gifts for all occasions. Facebook acquired Lee Linden’s 16-person startup Karma four months ago. This was a gifting company. “They really share our vision and our mission, but there’s so much more scale here,” Linden said at a meeting on Facebook’s campus today.

So the next time you wish a friend on their timeline, you will also get gifting options. All events will showcase on the new interface so you don’t miss important occasions.

With the Facebook Gift service, gifting becomes convenient. You can send your friend a notification of the gift immediately but pay for it later, when the gift is ready to be shipped. Facebook has more than 100 gift vendors including Starbucks and 1-800-Flowers and cupcakery Magnolia.

Facebook Gift will currently be available for some users in the United States. Gifts is available on desktop, Android, and mobile web. The iOS version will also be coming in soon.