Saturday, December 2, 2023

Now, Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Premium Suite Upgrade for Multiple Apps

Samsung on Friday launched its “Premium Suite Upgrade“ for Samsung Galaxy S3. The update has been carried out to add the Mutil-Window feature to S3. This feature has already caught on since the time the Korean technology Giant has enabled it in Galaxy Note 2. The most exciting thing about this arresting feature is that it lets you run two apps simultaneously.

The feature lets you create a picture like an artist and the play around with the moods of the picture whenever you want!

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Also it lets you capture fascinating pictures even in dark, courtesy its Low-Light Shot function. Equipped with Best Face aspect you can take 5 consecutive pictures so you choose the best one for your album.

The Easy-Mode makes life easy for those who are too lazy to search for apps. Just create a widget of your app and you are good to go. The Sound Balance component lets you balance the volume each side of earphones.

With this you would be able to access the menu right away the screen, without going searching for it. The Suite also comes loaded with Camera Easy Snap feature which is a delight for photography addicts. This lets you detect faces on the camera preview with its ‘talk back’ and ‘face detection’ ability.

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