Now you may have to pay to buy Andriod Apps developed by Indians. According to recent reports by The Hindu, India has made it in to Google’s official list of countries where developers can register as certified Google Checkout merchants, thus allowing Indian developers to put out paid apps.

The step had to be taken,’’ said Ashish Sinha, founder of, a website focused on local start-ups. “This will make the way for creating business models around innovative Apps. Android is big in the Indian smart devices space, and this will help fuel development of the localised Apps, too.”

 Director of Next Wave Multimedia, P R Rajendran told the media , “We have lived with this condition for some time now where we literally run two companies, and are subject to dual taxation”. He added, “This is a welcome move on the part of Google”.

 Before this initiative was taken Indian app developers had limited opportunities , they were not getting for their apps, they had to visit a country where Google Check Merchants were allowed and register in the name of the resident of the particular country to have their apps on Google Play.

 In the past few months Google has launched its voice guided turn-by-turn Navigation service in India which is first of its kind in India. Google maps have  the voice feature which gives driving directions in  English

Speaking at the launch of these services, Darren Baker, Product Manager for Google Maps, said, “Our goal in developing Google Maps is to provide users with the most comprehensive and accurate online maps in every country, and to share the features and benefits of Google Maps as widely as we can.”