Picking up the right diet plan to stay fit might often be confusing. And when you have a friend guiding you, things get easier.

Stay friends with some of the most awesome apps and gizmos out there that will help you stay fit no matter how lazy or active you are. From run-mapping to wristbands apps, the choice is aplenty. Read on to explore some apps.

Strava Cycling

Made for Android or Apple devices, this app sees how much calories you burned while running or riding. Those feeling competitive can even compare their performance with friends.

Up Fitness Band

Lightweight and water-resistant, Up fitness band keeps a track of your activity, be it running, exercising or even sleeping.

Map My Run

Available on Nokia, Android and Apple devices, this app keeps a track of where you are going, recording the activity along the way.   


Keep a track on your calories and make sure you eat the right stuff with this app that’s available for Nokia, Android and Apple devices.

Sleep Cycle

Learn how to get the best of sleep with this app that’s available on iTunes.