Fundo is the latest Google offering, a service that allows creators to host paid, ticketed virtual meet-and-greet events. Google’s Fundo lets creators get paid by hosting virtual meet-and-greets.  Developed by Google’s Area 120 incubator, it was first was launched in a limited beta last summer for several hundred “trusted testers”. The Fundo app is currently available for use by anyone in Canada and the U.S. and will soon be available for creators across the country.

Google Service – Fundo

Fundo was originally meant as a virtual photo booth-style service. It was initially designed with the idea to enable fans to wait in a digital line, chat with their beloved celebrity or creator, and also get “photos” with them. It was primarily conceived of as a tool to let YouTube creators organize virtual meet-ups.

Virtual Meetings during the Global Pandemic

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, everything has moved online, from workout classes to cooking tutorials, to even counselling sessions – life has become digital. “In 2020, a lot of things are online,” Gregg says. “We’re not exclusive for YouTube creators. We think it provides value to any kind of creator… There are lots of different ways it can be used.”

The Google Fundo is a positive step ahead as it provides creators an easy way to offer paid, ticketed online events. The new Google Fundo allows for up to 30 users to share on-screen at the same time, and is best suited for holding  smaller events. The custom-built video chat allows user to search for events on the Fundowebsite and enables users to purchase scheduled one-on-one meetings with creators.

Considered as a turnkey service, Google Fundo will offerseveral interesting hosting features including video streaming, promotional tools, and payment-transaction processing.To provide the aforementioned facilities, Google will be taking a marginal 20% cut of revenue generated through Fundo. “We think that represents the value Fundo provides with the end-to-end platform,” said Gregg.

With the official launch of the site –, users will be able to search events and creators will also be able to offer an online experience with an open-ended schedule. With the broader launch, users will also now be able to search for events on the website and even purchase scheduled one-on-one meetings with creators.

Fundo App

Fundo has a using special-purpose video-chat system (separate from YouTube) on the site to enable creators and event hosts to access the services.  The broader aim is to serve as an end-to-end solution that makes it convenient for creators to set up and manage virtual events.