Now Alexa Can Answer How Many Hours Of Work Can Buy You Dream Home

What if Alexa will tell you how many hours of work will help earn enough to get necessities of life such as car and house. The Amazon’ Alexa is slowly turning into a personal financial assistance. Currently, as a personal assistant, Alexa can perform a number of tasks such as making to-do-list, interacting, playing music and setting alarm. Alexa is opening the whole new world of possibilities for users in finance management.

We heard that Alexa is getting smarter!

Recently, Amazon and Ally Bank announced a new personal finance feature in Alexa-enable products. Ally Bank Customers can soon ask their Alexa device to calculate the number of hours they are required to work in order to buy a commodity or a luxury. The new technology will help you judge whether it is justified putting a certain amount of time to make a purchase.

It is called CurrenSee

The new feature is called CurrenSee. It has personal financial capabilities that guide a user achieve his financial goals. The feature is offered by Ally Bank to its customers, who can already access daily banking task on Amazon Echo products. The device helps perform a series of financial activities such as monitoring account balances, recent banking transactions and change in interest rate.
Even, if you have planning to make a dream vacation true, Alexa can tell you exactly how many hours you should work to earn an amount to fulfill your dream. Alexa makes calculations for all type of purchases, whether they are high cost or worth a $100.
Ally Bank is not the first financial institution to venture into AI inspired devices to provide financial assistance to its customers. Previously, Ask UBS has let its customers ask Alexa-enabled devices to ask financial queries. The personal finance and business forecasting resource, Kiplinger rated Ally Bank the best on the internet and best financial institution for millennials in 2017.