Blackberry’s new all- touchscreen smartphone- Blackberry A10 is due to launch in the market, this November. As per the given report, it recommended that the A10 was the gadget that BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins referred in an earlier interview.

He further added in an interview in March, “There’s one new-fangled product I’m eager about, but I can’t really share it at present.”

Furthermore, Sprint Nextel had deliberately approved on the BlackBerry Z10 so it can carry the A10. The service provider will start retailing the BlackBerry flagship phone starting November. Though Sprint has not yet registered the A10 as its top-tier handset, it can still amend as the release date approaches.

Interestingly, BlackBerry A10 will be replacing the current Z10.The A10 is apparently the BlackBerry Aristo prototype that has been held by a certain craigger of the user forums at Crackberry.

The forum associate defined the phone parallel to Samsung Galaxy S4 but not as square-looking as the Z10. The A10 was in a row on 10.2 operating system and has about 2GB of RAM along with the backup feature that allows wireless backup procedure.

Conferring to a report on Crackberry, the Aristo prototype runs on a 1.5GHz quadcore chip and has a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display.

With the launch of the A10, BlackBerry is on tenterhooks to cover all market segments though it tries to prove that the brand is not only limited to QWERTY phones.