We all have come across many jokes which say that mobile phones made by Nokia are indestructible. A recent incident took place in China where a man was buried under a wall after the wall got hit by a long steel bar.  The man who survived this horrendous accident stated that he used his Nokia Lumia 920 as a shield to protect his head from the debris. He also stated that it was because of his Nokia device that he did not suffer any major injuries on the head. The victim of this accident while addressing the reports also said that when the wall started falling, his Nokia mobile phone was still in his hand and he put it up on his head in order to protect his head from the falling debris of the wall.

We all might wonder how the hell a mobile device can save a man’s life but judging by hisNokia Lumia saves a man’s life in China statement, there is no denying fact that Nokia Lumia 920 played an important role in keeping his head safe.

It was because of the mobile phone that he did not receive any severe blows on his head. But the best part of the story is that even after suffering major impacts from wall, the phone is working perfectly fine apart from some scratches on the display unit.

Nokia phones have long held the bragging rights for being unbreakable, I guess the company phone just made yet another interesting story by proving to be life-saving for this man. However, not everyone is lucky to get out of these situations since it was also reported that two people died in this accident and another three were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.