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Nokia Lumia 928 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Samsung Has been the Boss for Long, Would Nokia Take the Charge?

2013 is turning out to be a stellar year for us gadget lovers, and if you think everything you’ve seen so far has taken your breath away, wait till you see what else is coming up over the next few months. In just a few days, we’ll see Nokia launching its new flagship smartphone, the Lumia 928. But, can it hold its own against the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is due to come out later this year? This time it is all about Nokia Lumia 928 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Nokia Lumia 928 surely will win in the looks department with its all-metal sleek body. The phone is expected to have a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280X768 pixels, which could be powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor and 1 GB of RAM, and have 16 GB of internal storage space. Nokia is also expected to fit in an 8.7 MP camera in the Lumia 928, as well as a 2,000 mAh non-removable battery. The specs sound good enough to run Windows Phone 8 quite smoothly.

When we talk about Nokia Lumia 928 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Note 3 definitely has a bigger screen size and power. With a massive 5.99-inch full HD display, an Exynos 5 processor, and 3 GB of RAM, its rumored specs make this quite a powerful phablet. It is also expected to have a 13 MP camera and of course, the popular S Pen would also be available with the device. So if you’re looking for a device that can help you multitask, we can’t blame you for leaning towards the Galaxy Note 3, but if you’re looking for a decent smartphone, the Lumia 928 could be your pick.

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