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Nokia Lumia 928 vs Nokia Lumia 920 : Would We See Remains of Lumia 920 in Its Heir ?

Nokia will soon bring out its brand new flagship smartphone, the Lumia 928, on Verizon in just a couple of days. And what everyone is dying to find out is just how much has changed in the new offering in comparison with the Lumia 920. Here’s our take on that, to help you out.

To start with, one of the first and most obvious differences you will come across is in the design. While the Lumia 920 has sharp edges and a blocky look, the Lumia 928 is expected to be sleeker, but with a slightly convex bulge on the back, and almost no bezels.

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And then there’s the update to the display. Even though both the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 928 have 4.5-inch screens with 1280X867 pixel resolution, the former has an IPS LCD display while the latter will feature an OLED screen. This would not just help make liven up the colors on the screen, but will also make it more energy efficient.

The Lumia 928 is expected to be slightly taller and thinner than the Lumia 920, but its thickness might go up due to its camera. However, it will be lighter than its predecessor. In terms of camera, both phones have an 8.7 MP offering with Carl Zeiss optics, but the Lumia 928 comes with a better Xenon flash for improved low light photography. However, the BSI sensor in the Lumia 920 will be missing in the Lumia 928. The front-facing camera in the Lumia 928 is expected to have a resolution of 1.2 MP, as opposed to the Lumia 920’s 1.3 MP offering.

Both phones come fitted with a 2,000 mAh battery, but the Lumia 928’s is an Li-polymer battery which promises longer operations without the need to look for a charger. In addition, Nokia has also put in a more powerful speaker in the Lumia 928, as well as a more powerful mic for recording. Unlike the Lumia 920, the Lumia 928 isn’t going to be as colorful and will only come with a black or a white body.

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