The Finnish company, Nokia has released its much awaited metal-built WP 8 powered Lumia 925 in Germany on Monday. The new 4.5-inch smartphone with the new Glance Screen feature will be launched shortly in Europe, China, U.S. and other countries.

The Nokia press release noted that the additional feature, Glance Screen would be a standby screen clock to enable the user to view the battery level indicator and the time without even touching the display. A simple double tap on the standby screen would be able to unlock the phone.

According to the Nokia Conversation blog, the new feature is still in the beta stage and would be accessible to most WP 8 powered Lumia via the impending Amber software update.

Apart from the new Smart Camera application, the new Lumia 925 is available in a metal body with an option to switch on a night mode for reduced glare in the dark. The metal body with polycarbonate backs in white, black or grey makes the 925 different form the 920.

Can Lumia 925 repeat the success of the Lumia 920, is a big question and only time will tell the answer after its release in the U.S. and other markets.