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Nokia Lumia 920 Goes Up Against iPhone 5 Commercial, Asks People To Switch From iOS

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Now, we know that Nokia’s got its work cut out for itself, going up against the Apple iPhone 5 and a slew of Android phones. But we never thought its colorful flagship phone – the Lumia 920, would start an ad campaign that makes the iPhone black and white ad look so bland.

In an ad released by Nokia Germany, Nokia plays up one of the most alluring features of the Lumia 920 – its range of brightly colored covers, and compares it with the iPhone 5’s drab color choices of black and white. This animated video goes on to describe quite vividly with barely any words how a man gets in line at what resembles an Apple Store to ask for a differently colored phone, freaking out others around him. And when he steps out, he sees people around him flaunting their Nokia Lumia 920’s in a variety of colors.

Of course, in terms of subtlety and class, we have to give Nokia more points over Samsung’s more in-your-face mockery. And in this age of mono-colored smartphones, this ad does go on to highlight a key strength the Lumia 920 has over the other bestsellers – with its happy, quirky color options. But is that going to be enough to make the Lumia 920 a success? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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