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Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone5 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8X: The More Sturdier Body



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It was reported yesterday that Nokia may be planning an exclusive successor to Lumia 920. The second version of Lumia 920 would be molded out of aluminum which makes the device lighter and thinner.

This new device is being code named as “Catwalk” and would have specifications and features of the phone would be similar to 920.

The current Nokia Lumia device is made out of polycarbonate which makes the device heavy and thick.

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The other devices in the market which use polycarbonate for their body are HTC Windows Phone 8X and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Polycarbonate is considered sturdier than aluminum and is scratch resistant. On the other hand iPhone 5 uses alumimium back due to which it is facing bending and scratching complains.

The Verge also said on Thursday that instead of one the Finnish Company is planning two new Lumia handsets. The source of the information is not disclosed. In most probability the new Lumia device would hit the shelves in 2013.

As per the rumors Nokia Lumia 920 is coming to India on 17th January, 2013 and would be priced more than Rs 30000.

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