Nokia Lumia920 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Price Point


Lumia 920 is hogging the limelight like it did never before. With stiff competition on the block from the reigning giants—Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone5, Lumia enthusiasts had been holding their breath for the official price to be made public. And even before we could say “lumos” to see the price print, comparisons have started in regard to the price tags of its Apple and Samsung buddies. With varied pricing systems and taxes that are part of separate countries, it was tough to pinpoint the exact tag that Lumia would hold on itself.

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With the final revelation of the pricing, analysts and smarties who swear by their smartphones are surprised with the Lumia 920 price being about 25 percent higher as compared to Samsung S3. It is of course, more affordable than iPhone5 but as of now it is undecided as to how well the market would respond to this pricing tale over the coming weeks.

What we believe is that Nokia has brought in higher expectations from Lumia given that Samsung generally set benchmarks for Apple’s pricing too. Now if Lumia fails to impress despite its bank breaking price tag, it would really need to bite the dust on the Smartphone lane. More so—given that it comes with Windows 8 that is merely on its first outing. This holds true of global as well as Indian markets. The latter, especially has been pretty careful when it comes to splurging on such phones. Here’s a sneak peek into the price tagging for the three giants in the Smartphone sector this day.

CountryNokia Lumia 920iPhone 5 32 GBGalaxy S3
Germany649 Euros739 Euros550 Euros
India40,000 INR54990 INR34,900 INR
Russia24990 RUB115000 RUB35000 RUB
Italy599 Euros530 Euros
USA199 Dollars299 Dollars199 Dollars
UK517 Pounds599 Pounds500 Pounds

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