Saturday, December 2, 2023

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs BlackBerry Z10 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Potential To Match Up To Point And Shoot Camera?

Few years back, when we looked at the digital cameras we saw them all jabbed up and heavy. With time, cameras have metamorphosed onto sleek seductive gadgets like smartphones.

With Samsung in the game,  digital cameras come with  ‘smart’ technology’ that laces capture their users to shutter up precious moments and share them with friends instantly.

Samsung has recently launched the 3G Galaxy camera with all the ‘smart’ features like click’n share pictures. Although like other digital cameras, the Samsung Galaxy is a simple point and shoot device, its excellent performance and wonderful image-quality makes it an outstanding gadget to flaunt.

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Now if you wonder  what the difference between a smart phone with camera or a smart digital camera is, then hear this–Have you ever tried low-light photography with your smart phone? May be that was a sad experience for you because most smart phones are not smart enough to capture images in the dark or low light. Here comes the prowess of Samsung’s smart digital camera with remarkable capability to click even in low light or at night time. We wonder that any of the phones including Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 920 or the red hot BlackBerry Z10 would ever be upgraded to point to shoot camera?

Smart phones also lack in optical zoom feature that is a highlighting attribute in smart phone cameras. So, would it not be astounding to carry a smart camera along to make your ‘most important’ occasions the ‘most preserved’ events?

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