I have been waiting to announce my grand buy this year. No, I do not mean the Samsung Grand. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 in mind. Before I go gaga over its sexy physique, too-die-for features, its beamer of a display—I am a tad let down with its shutter lacking stability.

While admitting that I love the shutter’s 13-MP tag that brings my clicks to life, shaky hands at times do mar my mod. But why could the Galaxy S4 not have an optical image stabilizer?

In a lance war with the Nokia Lumia 920, my buy bows down just because of its shutter story. A video doing the rounds on the web, shows both smarties tugged on to a remote controlled gaming car, the snaps from both Nokia and Samsung prodigies left me in no doubt as to who wears the crown.

While shelling a decently lump bill for the Samsung Galaxy S4, I did not really think about the stabilization spec. Today, I rather regret that the cake could have been the tastier if this cherry made it to the top.

When I eye to capture my particularly mischievous niece on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I sigh at its shaky shots. And how would I get wow shots at night for all those terrace parties with friends?