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Nokia Lumia 920 Not Enough to Restore, Nokia’s lost Glory, Shareholder Threatening The CEO

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Nokia made quite a gamble when it chose to make Windows Phone based smartphones a couple of years ago. And even if it didn’t do quite well initially, the Lumia 920 launched last year running on Windows Phone 8 did get quite some positive feedback from the market. But looks like it’s not done enough to restore Nokia’s former glory – the company’s CEO received quite some threats from its shareholders during a meeting held recently.
Now, you can’t blame the investors – it’s been a while since they’ve been waiting to see some success. But it’s still not been able to reach anywhere close to the likes of Apple and Samsung. While Samsung sold 69.7 million phones and Apple managed to sell 37.4 million iPhones during the last quarter, Nokia managed to sell just 5.6 million Lumia smartphones during the same period.
The shareholders are pressing Nokia to diversify beyond making just Windows Phone based smartphones. And according to rumors, the company did try to do so too – apparently Nokia tried to get Palm’s webOS before HP acquired it.
Investors have seen the success Samsung has experienced with this strategy and would like Nokia to follow suit. In terms of innovation, Nokia comes nowhere close to Apple, so you can imagine their frustration at the falling brand value.
Analysts have also criticized the nomenclature adopted by Nokia for its Lumia range of smartphones – they say it isn’t easy for consumers to distinguish between the various Lumia models. Even though the company has managed to become the leader when it comes to Windows Phone, it’s still just a big fish in a small pond. But does that mean we could see Nokia getting into Android?

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