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Nokia 8110 Matrix – Bringing Back the Nostalgia

This year’s Mobile World Congress was an absolute delight for individuals who admired the slider phone in the famous movie ‘Matrix’. The banana phone that was launched initially in 1996 and received massive publicity back then at the hands of Keanu Reeves, has now been reintroduced in an interesting yellow and black color combination. Amid a market flooded with smartphones, the classic device with the quintessential slider has managed to leave loyalists beaming with joy.

Nokia surprised audiences across the globe by releasing the 3310 model at the MWC 2017 and it followed a similar trend this year as well. The pièce de résistance of the Nokia 8110 Matrix is the curved shape encompassing the iconic slider that allows you to answer as well as end calls fashionably. It runs on the Smart Feature OS meaning that you will not be able to find many of the Android applications on it. However, certain basic apps such as Facebook might be available on the app store reportedly being designed by HMD. The phone will also be equipped with Google Maps and Assistant capable of running on a 4G network.

The revamped version is much better than the original and boasts of a sleek design, Qualcomm 205 processor, 2MP rear camera, 4GB storage, dual-SIM variant, smoother edges as well as 512MB RAM. The battery backup, just like any other typical Nokia phone, is pretty impressive with 25 days standby time. The screen size has been deliberately kept small with a 2.4-inch QVGA display in order to retain the aesthetics of its traditional counterpart. The phone, also, includes a modern take on the conventional Snake game. A playful attribute of the device is that it can be spun on the axis, although, too much whirling can damage its slider in the long run.

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The clicking feature and hardware buttons are something modern smartphones cannot afford to offer. A Nokia phone with great battery, camera, and internet is definitely exciting critics worldwide. The beloved phone can always be kept as an alternative to contemporary devices for rekindling nostalgia. Buyers will have to wait until the month of May to purchase the banana phone that has been priced at $97. It is being anticipated that the Nokia 8110 might stay in demand for a limited period of time. Ultimately the brand will have to shift its focus on designing outstanding smartphones to survive in the market.

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Rupandeep Kaur
Rupandeep Kaur
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