The much talked about metro name for Microsoft’s new design aesthetic will most likely not be used anymore by the company. Microsoft has decided to back off considering a legal battle that may come along. It is believed that the company will settle with a monotonous name, Windows 8.

Sources have revealed that Microsoft has instructed its workers to replace all references that have ‘Metro’ in it with ‘Windows 8’. For instance, ‘Metro-style application’ is to be replaced with ‘Windows 8 application’ and so on.

No formal confirmation regarding the name change has come from Microsoft’s side. And it is not likely to come as the company is barely admitting that it was even using this name.  As a matter of fact, the company’s representatives are arguing that Metro was just a code name and had no use in the commercial space. If that was the case, then we wonder what the company has to say about the promotional materials that involved Metro, including the slick design book, which was released at Mobile World Congress.

Though many will not be happy with the company’s decision to call new design elements with the same old name ‘Windows 8’, but at the same time it may be easier for people using the interface for the first time.