Quite opposite to all speculations we have heard so far, Instagram- the famous photo sharing app won’t be seen in the Windows Phone, at least for a while.

As reported in the VentureBeat, sources have revealed that developers at the photo sharing firm, now owned by Facebook, are not working on any app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Earlier, there have been many reports indicating that Instagram will be available on Windows Phone. The app is currently available on iPhone and Android.

The rumors started off on blaze when Nokia released a video promo of Lumia 920, which had an Instagram for Windows Phone icon on the phone’s home screen.

But that is just not the case.

Maybe previously, developers at Instagram were working on to make a version for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, but as per news, the Facebook-owned firm has no plans to launch a Windows Phone app.

On being asked to comment, Facebook refused to talk of any existence of lack of such app. Earlier this month, Facebook acquisition of Instagram got official with the deal finally closing in. The photo social site hit the mark of 80 million users and 5 billion photos were reportedly shared in July 2012. The site saw a rise of 50 million users post the announcement of deal.

Considering the news, it seems that Windows Phone users won’t get access to the famous photo sharing app to capture or share pictures within the phone network, at least for the time being!