Apple is not going to launch any television set this year. At least this is what recent report indicates. This report puts an end to the speculation of Apple venturing into the market of television sets anytime soon.

Andy Hargreaves, analyst, Pacific Crest has taken out an update, which says that Apple officials have made it clear that there won’t be any TV set or service, at least for now. The news comes as a rather disappointment for those, who were waiting for an Apple TV.

The new Apple TV was expected to offer the innovation, mixed with Apple’s App Store for iOS services. Recently in August, there was a report that indicted Apple’s interest in venturing into the business of television sector. The Cupertino Calif.-based company wanted to make its Apple TV as a set-top box.

However, for that, Apple had to build partnerships with both the media companies that offer popular TV content and also had to form an alliance with a cable TV provider to let Apple’s new device be used in place of a regular cable box.

Maybe, Apple wasn’t successful in its negotiations with media and cable companies, which has put its plans on hold to come up with a revolutionary TV device.

Apple wanted to sell its device directly to consumers via its online store, and its retail locations. Whereas, cable companies wanted to sell it with a TV service agreement, and that could have led to the disagreement. There were also rumors of Time Warner Cable being Apple’s partners to launch the Apple TV, just the way the firm launched iPhone with AT&T.

Despite all reasons, the fact that negotiations didn’t work out, concludes that there won’t be any Apple TV foreseen in future. Apple fans will have to wait until another report comes out to dream of getting the sleek, smart, and stylish Apple TV in their living rooms.