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Nissan Maxima Launch at Detroit In January: Nissan’s New Sedan Looks Renault

After the last month California 360 test drive event, Nissan is all boosted to set up its on large car line. The company is eyeing to release large luxury car ranges. In the last press, it released some unseen concept car flashes that were truly amazing.

Nissan Maxima Features and Nissan Maxima Fuel Efficiency

However, but features like grille and wheel weren’t quite visible in the shadow. The concept is much like the next Gen Maxima. Here are some juicy details of the unprecedented stylish Sedan from the sheds of Nissan. The four-door car look with a slanting roof-line and z-aspired headlamp design, along with C-pillar look borrowed from Renault gives the coupe a distinctive appearance. The innovatively new V-signature grille is a major attraction. The coupe perfectly fits in the E-segment series depicting similar dimension like that of Infiniti Q70.

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The car will come powered with 3.7l V6 engine, 2.5l supercharged hybrid engine and a diesel release is also under the table. As per my suggestion, the company is making all moves to launch a luxury series in competition to its contemporaries. The coupe is in its developmental stage and will soon be launched in the nation. 

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