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Nintendo’s President Regrets Chaos of Wii U Launch

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has expressed his regret about the latest console not having all of its promised features out of the box. He said he was sorry that the initial batch of customers had to download a huge patch right after purchase to be able to use the latest features like Miiverse social network and internet connectivity.

The patch was a rather sizeable file, taking up considerable time for downloading as well. The delay in download left some users worried that their systems had frozen and broke their systems when they tried to interrupt the patch’s download. The Nintendo TVii feature has also been delayed and will come out only in December.

Experts empathize with Nintendo, stating that the company can’t be blamed for the debacle. Gaming consoles are constantly a work in progress, feature game-changing updates considerably into the product’s lifecycle, e.g. the addition of Kinect to Xbox 360. Nintendo’s only fault with the Wii U, they say, was that the company overpromised and under-delivered to its customers.

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Even though the company sold out the stock it kept for the opening weekend, the fiasco of the patch has resulted in the Wii U’s launch garnering more bad publicity than good. The company managed to sell 400,000 units within the first week of its launch.

The Wii U features an interesting two-screen platform. The tablet controller within the device can be used for game controls or as a display of a player’s map position or inventory, depending on the game. Another interesting feature in the Wii U is the concept of “asymmetrical play”, where the player using the tablet controller plays a different role than other players within the game. The Wii U essentially takes multi-player gaming to another level, and can make playing among more people more fun.


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