Nintendo launched its new gaming console, the Wii U, last year, to a rather mixed response. Now that the console spent some time in the market, we’ve been able to analyze it a little better. And what we’ve unearthed is a bit of a disturbing trend.

The most popular games for Wii U apparently is Super Mario World, which is a fabulous game undoubtedly, but it still is a Nintendo game. But at $350, it does seem quite an expense to enjoy this game, especially when you consider the fact that there are very few other games on offer.

Nintendo was supposed to launch Pikmin 3, but that’s also been delayed to August, while ‘The Wonderful 101’ seems to have vanished into oblivion. Analysts say the delay is being caused by the company’s inability to fully grasp the concept of HD development.

But the good news is that Nintendo is planning to re-release its bestselling game, Earthbound.  Will it be available on Wii U? There’s no other way to increase the sales of its newest gaming consoles other than to bring out more games, even if it’s being developed by Nintendo.